Cathy Morghese – Integrative Dietitian-Nutritionist

My name is Cathy Morghese, I am an Integrative dietitian-nutritionist. I am dedicated to helping people eat better and adapt their lifestyle to protect their health and prevent premature cellular ageing through preventive nutrition adapted to their hormonal needs at every age.

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What is integrative nutrition ?

Integrative nutrition consists of adapting your diet and lifestyle to optimise your wellbeing in a preventive way or when a pathology has arisen.


The integrative nutrition specialist focuses on:


  • Your current diet
  • Your lifestyle (physical activity etc…)
  • The state of your intestinal microbiota
  • Your emotional and energetic balance
  • Your genetics

The benefit of working on all these interrelated factors allows us to maintain the overall balance of our body, mind and boost our immunity.

The secret is diet and lifestyle. I help you make the necessary changes so that you notice a transformation now and continue to see the effects for years to come.

Food is a daily medicine that we take on multiple occasions without knowing all the benefits and risks associated with it.
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Integrative nutrition consultation : How do I work ?

As an integrative nutritionist I work with a holistic view of the human being on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level.


A healthy and personalised diet

I analyse in depth how you eat in order to propose the necessary changes, adapted to your tastes, your lifestyle and a possible pathology. We will apply the rules of a healthy and balanced diet to optimise this source of energy to the maximum.

Recomendaciones en consulta nutriciónista integrativa y hábitos de vida saludables.

Analyze of your lifestyle

I analyse your lifestyle habits and make sure they are in line with your personal goals. Getting your body moving is essential to have an active metabolism by eliminating excess fat and toxins.

La microbiota en nutrición integrativa

The microbiota : Nutrition and Immunity

The microbiota is where your immunity starts. For decades now, the industrial revolution has unfortunately affected our diet and many of us now encounter more or less significant discomfort when eating or digesting. We will work to restore your intestinal balance and consequently your well-being.

equilibrio emocional energetico

Emotional and spiritual balance

Sometimes changes in food and sport do not have the expected results because there are emotional blocks or limiting beliefs. We will identify and work on these blocks so that you can transcend them and they do not get in the way of the goals you are looking for.

Nutrigenetica y nutrigenomica

Diet based on your genetics

We are all different, today genetics allows us to know ourselves better and therefore to establish more personalised dietary strategies. Thus, we have more knowledge to choose the right foods according to our age and our goals.

No more headaches in your busy schedule,
we adapt the change to your tastes and the pace of your life.

We make the change easy

What is the step-by-step ?


We talk on the phone and in 5 minutes you tell me about your problem. I confirm that I can help you and we schedule our first face-to-face session. This is how the Nutritional Coaching begins.


The first face-to-face session lasts 1 hour, in which you explain your eating habits and lifestyle. I can then analyse your situation and define with you your ideal type of advice.


I then accompany you through a series of sessions according to the Coaching pack that we have agreed on and that best suits your needs. We know that changes in habits don’t happen overnight, so I provide guidance to keep you moving towards your goal.

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My slogan is :

No banning !

You can eat absolutely anything you want*, but you will know exactly what the effect on your body is and how much you can eat so that it does not become harmful.

I accompany you in the self-knowledge of your body and guide you to incorporate the nutrition you need to achieve your goals.

*As long as you do not have any medical restrictions due to health issues.

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My services as an Integrative Nutritionist

Cathy Dietista-Nutricionista

Nutritional Coaching

trastornos intestinales

 Food intolerances and intestinal disorders

Nutricionista oncológico

Oncological Nutrition

Some feedback from my patients


Before I started working with Cathy I thought I was eating well. But when we started talking I realised that I had to adapt my diet to my age and the physical activity I do. I have been evolving very positively and very quickly. As soon as I changed my diet I started to feel less heavy after meals and more energy. After 3 months I also started to see results in my body at a muscular level.


After my first pregnancy I put on a lot of weight, and no matter how much I trained, I saw absolutely no results. I started working with Cathy and I realised that my diet was very bad but I never felt judged by her. The good thing is that she doesn’t forbid you anything, she educates you and always finds solutions so that you can continue to eat what you like but in a healthier version for you.


I decided to work with Cathy because she is very up to date with the latest scientific research in nutrition and because she adapts to your professional life. I had started to gain weight after 40 without changing anything and she helped me to adapt my diet to the hormones of my age and to regain my figure. With her I have learned to eat healthier and she gave me many guidelines to compensate for heavier meals. I recommend her 100%.

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No more headaches in your busy schedule, we adapt the change to your tastes and the speed of your life.
We make the change easy

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