Nutritional Coaching in Sitges and Online

I am Cathy Morghese, Integrative Dietitian-nutritionist and Nutritional Coach.

I help people to find the right diet for them according to their lifestyle, their habits, the state of their microbiota and also their genetics.

What is nutrition coaching ?

The nutritional coaching carried out by a health professional, a dietician and nutritionist, is a comprehensive accompaniment that first analyses your eating habits to adjust them to your personal goal. Based on this analysis, the nutritional coach draws up a personalised action plan so that you can move towards your goal.

I am a nutritional coach and an expert in integrative nutrition.

In addition to being a nutritional coach, I am a specialist in integrative nutrition, meaning that I have a much more global vision of the human being : on a physical, mental, emotional and energetic level.

I Work ON 5 factors related to nutrition and integrative health

1. Eating habits
2. Lifestyle habits
3. Microbiota : source of immunity
4. Emotional and spiritual balance
5. A diet adapted to your genetics

We define a clear objective in order to draw up the plan of action

In terms of health and wellbeing we all have a goal and if you are not clear about it during the first session I will help you to find it. Together we will define your action plan.

The most common objectives are :

Learning to eat better
Solve intestinal disorders
Having more energy and feeling better
Nutritional advice during illness
Preventing health issues
Losing weight to feel good about yourself
Diet to regain muscle mass

In short, as a nutrition coach I teach you to know your ideal diet, depending on your particularities: your age, your medical history and your lifestyle.

Some phrases I hear during nutrition consultation

Do you identify with any of these statements ?

I would like to have more energy to be able to fulfil all my responsibilities.

I know that the menopause is approaching and I would like to minimise its effects.

I want to rebalance my figure by losing a few kilos without regaining them at the first attempt.

When I cook it's fine, but often I have to eat out and I get lost.

I do sport regularly and would like to see more results in my muscles.

When I'm well, I eat well, but when I'm in a bad period, my diet worsens.

I have a health problem and food plays an important role, I need advice.

I have tried hundreds of diets and have not been able to maintain any of them over time.

I have digestion problems, chronic fatigue or other diet-related health problems.

I would like to be like those people who look 10 years younger than they are.

I know that the way I eat affects the planet. I would like to change it, but I don't know how.

I can help you then

I have worked with dozens of people like you who have seen the transformation in their body and mind that they were looking for. However, you must keep in mind that it is a process that requires commitment. I will do my part, but you do the actions and it is important that you are ready and committed to achieve your goals. That’s why in our first session we will choose together the formula that suits you best.

nutriTional coaching Packs

Single session
80 €

You have an intestinal disorder or require a nutritional consultation. We do some tests and provide a diagnosis. Then we are able to move forward together in an integrative way to find the cause and bring you relief.

Classic Pack – 3 months
450 € (8 sessions at 56 € each)

This pack is for those of you that have a clear goal. For instance : change your eating habits, become vegetarian, prepare a change of life (wedding, pregnancy, birth…). I accompany you at your own pace to find the right diet for you and help you to achieve your goal.

Exclusive Pack
Contact for pricing

100% tailor-made pack. I will accompany you in a very personalized way : we will work from your kitchen, to analyse the contents of your fridge, then do the groceries and cook together. I will then share with you many nutritional tips and tricks. I will adapt to your life rhythm to progress according to your needs.

DNA Test
250 €

We have partnered with one of the best genetic analysis laboratories, to be able to offer this complete test to provide you with key information to help us understand your metabolism. You will then have the key data required to know what is good for you and what could cause you harm.

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Other nutritional services

Nutritional Personal Shopper

I go shopping with you, and together at your place we cook some dishes to teach you quick and tasty recipes adapted to your diet according to your objectives.

Participation in wellness retreats

I come to do interventions on different topics : anti-inflammatory cooking workshop, mindfulness eating workshop, conferences about the pillars of Integrative Nutrition.

Cooking classes for groups

You want to organise a get-together at home with your friends and spend an afternoon learning nutritional tips and simple and tasty recipes for anti-inflammatory cooking. Let’s go shopping and I’ll come to your house to animate the classes.

Consulting for companies

Product development, menu development, label validation, anti-aging nutrition/ all types of diets/ menu review

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What is the step-by-step ?


We talk on the phone and in 5 minutes you tell me about your problem. I confirm that I can help you and we schedule our first face-to-face session. This is how the Nutritional Coaching begins.


The first face-to-face session lasts 1 hour, in which you explain your eating habits and lifestyle. I can then analyse your situation and define with you your ideal type of advice.


I then accompany you at the pace of sessions according to the Coaching pack that we have agreed and that best suits your needs. We know that changes in habits are not made overnight, so I guide you so that you can move towards your goal.

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